Narrinns is neural-emotional-based research group that is designing more intuitive ways to collect, parse and self-structure narratives from today's population with the intent to incite, inspire and inform the unwritten narratives of tomorrow.


Picoseconds are three orders of magnitude shorter than a nanosecond. Some say humans are that much faster than a super computers for some things, like accurate first impressions, or judging human character. How much faster could human networks be built if “slow” computing was bypassed? What would that be worth to marketing or H.R.?


Neural-emotional-based capturing, collecting, parsing, and evaluating the micro-narratives from today's population will allowed us to incite, inspire and inform the unwritten narratives of tomorrow, without having to wait for the algorithms to catch up.


VVATA is an app still in development.  Regardless, the concept has garnered some high profile accolades.

"This thing will know how you think before you even know why or how you thought what you did.  It's like the book Blink in an application...Wow. Brilliant. I can think of 3 or 4 applications for it already. Keep me posted."

Deloitte. Partner

New York, NY

"You are creating a tool as powerful as the brain itself, simply by using technology as a pass through rather than an simple and yet so powerful.  This sound like the forefront of some neo-technolgy movement that we haven't heard about yet."

App Developer

Berlin, GER

"Its applications are endless! You will completely transform Human Resources departments as we know them.  Are you ready for that?"

Leadership Coach

Santa Barbara, CA

"This is a new way to have conversations. It's one that allows everybody to speak at the same time without talking over anyone. It democratizes conversations."

Global Educator

Boston, MA

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