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Mini Moth Request

Threshold is TNP's exploration of the hero's journey. This well-known story structure is formulaic:


The hero must overcome a series of trials in order to evolve as a person and ultimately save or redeem his / her people.

The specific version of this story that we want to promote is the journey from selfishness and small thinking to selflessness and greater self-awareness.

We believe love is the key to this.


So tell us a story about love and how it motivated you, or helped you, to cross your own personal threshold.


Send us a short note on a story you can tell in 4 minutes and why you want to tell it. We will pick one or two of you and invite you to the stage to tell it.


Apply here 


We will get back to you on Monday night. 



Inspired by The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis ,
quotes from which are here >>







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