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Good times ahead.


Seven to Go

"Seven to Go"sounds like a title for a workout on Strava and it acts like one too. Workout titles are sort of like the act of making your bed. It's an activity that you can actually start and finish successfully so long as you commit to doing it. There are no real impediments except your own attention to completing the task. The act of figuring out a clever title during a workout somehow makes the workout count a bit more even if the physical effort did not live up to expectations.

This particular title comes from my being curious about how many entries I need to write before getting to the magic number of 21 that used to be enough to start a by 1960's standards. I have seven entries left. Six if I count this one.

It is getting easier and I can feel a change occurring in my writing. I can feel a style emerging. I feel more humble, authentic and articulate and every day that I write now I think of the many artist who believe that we are all just conduits for ideas that already exist in the world. They have said in so many words that the job of a creative person is to practice being ready to translate those ideas into a format that the rest of the world can experience.

I feel ready.


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