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Good times ahead.



Annie Dillard opened chapter 5 of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek with, “Yesterday I set out to catch the new season, and instead I found an old snakeskin.”

She went on to explain that someone had thrown away an aquarium deep in the woods and a snake appeared as though it may have used it to get out of their skin.

The chapter delightfully wanders and wonders on an on about the snake skin in that sort of way that many of us used to wonder and wander at this time of year.

This year seems different.

As the buds are waking up on the trees and the bulbs are starting to smile for the first time, we are home. We are home to enjoy them.

We home to witness the coming of spring on a day-by-day basis instead of one weekend at a time.

For that we can be grateful.


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