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Good times ahead.


It's a stretch

Strength training is a stretch according to this article at

I stumbled on this while googling around wondering why I was being bombarded with stretch-related blog posts and social media articles over this past week.

I was wondering if March was national stretching month?

It's not, but September's for Yoga.

Ok then, maybe I'm seeing more about stretching because people are coming out of their Winter slumber and working out again. When we work out for the first time in a while we feel sore and maybe worried that we might get hurt... so we think about stretching.

Maybe it's because January was about new beginnings.

February was about committing to those beginnings.

Now in March we might be feeling a bit 'uncomfortable' with some of the changes and writers are sensing this and suggesting flexibility as a metaphor. Maybe that's a stretch too.

But back to strength training as stretching. In the time it took to write this, I had my imaginary research team look into this by checking in with some more 'traditionally credible' sources for health-related questions than

That means Alex Hutchinson of course. Just a few weeks ago he wrote this: The Case Against Stretching.

If he's confused about it all, then I'm going to rest easy being confused too.

But then, I couldn't resist. I read the NIH abstract upon which Hutchinson based his article.

Now I'm doubly confused and my hamstrings feel tighter than ever.


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