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Brand Culture Indicators

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

These two things tell you everything you need to know about a brand and its unspoken culture.

Our observation of silence is primal.

We can feel it and 'see' it like we can see and 'feel' eye contact ourselves and between others. When we pay attention to it, the observed silences of a brand and its people often say more than we have words to express.

Forgiveness on the other hand, is usually learned.

Forgiveness and the observation thereof is the result of socialization and requires the existence of an understood 'common good'.

When we pay attention, observed moments of forgiveness or blame say everything that needs to be said about the authenticity of the relationship one can expect to have with that brand and its reverence for a 'common good'.

The same can be said about true love.

That should be clue.


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