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Good times ahead.


A B C D E F ___?

Feeling pretty good about yourself for knowing that one, right?

Here’s another one: On your mark. Get set. ____.

Two in a row. You’re on a roll.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a _______. Great job, three in a row.

For many of us, the last one wasn’t as fun as the first.

The first one felt great.

The second one felt easy.

The third on was a mix of too easy, too silly and, “What’s going on here?”

You are thinking right now, “What’s your point Pete?”, and, ironically, so am I.

I’m thinking ‘out loud’ as I write first about how and why we remember these ridiculous patterns, and second about why we felt good on the first one for knowing the answer without any context, and then third how we walk right into the trap of the second, and then finally...but weirdly not sooner...we start asking questions about why I’m musing about such nonsensical things.

I’m asking myself the same thing.

Right now I’m wondering why you’re still reading, and am tempted to stop right here for no good reason.

“And leave us all hanging?”

Hanging on to what exactly? Hanging on to find out why I started this in the beginning?

I don’t know why. I really don’t.

It is, however, making me think that this may be the same roller coaster of emotions that the new-style TV series put us through.

What is that roller coaster? What is the pattern of those emotions and is it possible to replicate them to create this “don’t leave me hanging” feeling.

I’m not a language or journalism professional but I bet they would know.

But before I go there, I have found a point to make that will wrap this whole thing up for the time being. This entry came out of my brain as a stream-of-consciousness thought about how challenging unstructured data is to understand.

It’s a revelation of how incredible the task is to create artificial intelligence.

The nuance of learning the millions of patterns that humans experience every second without really thinking means exposing learning machines to random entries like this one and to make some sense of them even when for some of you this is literally non-sense.

That closure feels good for me even if I don’t take the time to write out the pattern.

That said...

“Live! From Detroit it’s _________!”

Doesn’t work right?

How do we know that?


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