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Good times ahead.


741 Hz

The sound frequency 741Hz removes toxins and electromagnetic radiation from the brain and helps us to focus. Apparently.

741Hz and other notable sacred frequencies that date back to the ancient solfeggio scale have been recognized for their 'powers' to stimulate us and have been confirmed in modern times to have some impact on our state of being. But how do we define our states of being in the first place.

The mention of Sam Harris by a musician friend of mine last night led me to this tangent about consciousness and states of 'being' that rekindled my 2004 fascination with the topic. So here I am at lunch, subconsciously at first, and now consciously mashing the two together:

Sacred frequencies reliably influence measurable brain activity in predictable ways. True.

Measurable brain activity can be mapped reliably to predictable 'feelings'. Mostly true.

Therefore sacred frequencies can predictably affect 'feelings'. Sounds fair, if brain activity is the only factor.

This is where it gets tricky. Sometimes how we feel does not reflect what's biologically and physically going on, and sometimes what's physically and biologically going on does not match how we feel. Maybe that's why it's called bio 'logic' and no bio 'illogic'? I digress.

For example, if we know ourselves to feel healthy, but cancer is ripping through us, are we unhealthy? Yes, but that's perhaps a threshold thing.

If we know ourselves to 'feel' in pain, but the traditional receptors in the brain are not firing in the 'pain zone' then are we 'really' in pain? Well, maybe we are not 'in' pain physically, but we 'feel' pain. People with a higher threshold for pain have been lauded for the opposite effect for sure.

Sam Harris might say we are not 'of' pain, but we 'are' pain. Whoa. We are not seeing pain physically from the outside but we are being pain incarnate.

Deep eh?

How's that for a thought starter?

I'm going back to work with my go to 741Hz soundtrack and a belief that I can focus...and a belief that I am focus... and a feeling that I feel focused... but only after I eat something.


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