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Regardless of how you work with Bysshetank, we drive your career, your business, your culture and your profitability forward by training you EXACTLY how to to use Design Thinking to access the other 90% of your brain that is typically left out of day-to-day career and business building practices. 


With 20 years of experience combining Design Thinking and catalytic strategic planning, we create just the right amount of thoughtful friction for executives, companies, schools, consultants, and other designers to make unique connections that lead to prosperous new perspectives.


From this new vantage point, you invent your future with us and then we co-create a clear plan and guide you to that invented future sooner than you thought possible.



Peter Bysshe

Founder / Head Coach

Peter is your 'be prepared" Eagle Scout, ultra-distance athlete, strategist and entrepreneur that many executives have followed to find new perspectives. Reframing, listening, poking and pattern finding are just a few of the tools in his kit that get ideas, leaders & employees promoted faster and compensated more dramatically than typical protocol dictates.


Host / Running Coach

Nice dogs, like Lady, epitomize hospitality in ways that only the greatest humans who have ever lived can. We have much to learn from their generosity of spirit and tireless love for all people and other creatures. If only she could type.



Hickory serves as an inspiration for us to frame everything we do in human terms. Since, writers, painters, musicians, and other artists have muses to focus their thoughts, we thought we should have one too. Who is your muse?


P.0. Box 427

Waccabuc, NY



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