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The engineers have created magical movement-sensing technology with longer battery life, longer-range signals, and increased durability. Presently these sensors are easily upsetting the competition of other Industrial Internet of Things solutions but Recon's growth has been little more than by word of mouth. From building awareness to closing sales and creating a community of advocates there is work to be done. 


With this revolutionary system, there is no scanning, no changing batteries, no complicated installs and no limitation to where these sensors can reach and operate. The challenge is in crafting a brand story and sales support system that allows Recon to remain agile between myriad industries without confusing existing clients. 

Content specifics aside, my roles include but are not limited to:

>>  Finding and engaging new leads for the pipeline

>>  Building an online reference portal for salespeople in the field

>>  Creating and driving all media planning

>>  Designing various “sharable” content for viral growth

>>  Strategically publishing ebooks, videos, infographics, and installation guides

>>  Developing strategy and managing content creation to grow blog traffic 

>>  Leveraging power of our new WebFlow platform

>> Finding, closing and nurturing my own book of clients





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