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Good times ahead.


Work From Home Soul Stew

In 1967 King Curtis released "Memphis Soul Stew".

"Great song. Wonderful song. Good friend of mine. Tremendously talented. Visited me many times in Mara Lago. Many times." - Trump

(Correction Mr. President, that was Don King . . .)

I digress.

The song was immortalized in the 1990 cover by Marge Simpson and modified to honor her home town as "Springfield Soul Stew" featuring Lisa Simpson on sax.

During times like this it's worth a listen.

{pause and listen}

The song begins with Marge, "Um, today's special is Springfield Soul Stew. We sell so much of this, people wonder what we put in it. Well, we're gonna tell ya right now."

Recipes of all types help us to re-create those things that we know to be successful. Each chef adds their own touch but the basic ingredients remain similar.

In that spirit . . .

Um, today's special is Work-From-Home Soul Stew.

I've done so much of this, people wonder how I do it.

Well, I'm gonna tell ya right now.

Gimme about a half a teacup of wi-fi.

Now I need a pound of fatback determination.

Now, gimme four tablespoons of boilin' video conferencing... this is gonna taste alright.

Mmmm, zoom.... delicious.

Mmm, now just a little pinch of chat services.

Now gimme half a pint of file sharing.

Place on the burner and turn off on-screen notifications.

Yeah, that's it, schedule check ins and breaks, that's it... right there.

Now grit...

Woah...take it lists...

Ooh, woo-ooh!

Mmmm that's it... systems make you accountable.

Ooh, woo-ooh!

Ooh, thank you! let's take it on home!

'Cause, uh, we gotta go home!

That's our world!


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