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Good times ahead.


Dreams Revealed

Dreams come out only after our breathing and heart both slow down.

It's as if dreams wait for a table to be set, or for the theater lights to dim before revealing themselves . . . fashionably late sometimes.

It seems that our deepest dreams are particular about their preferred form of hospitality. Sanctuary is a word that comes to mind. No distractions. No expectations. No inhibitions.

Thankfully, sleep provides this built in daily place of refuge and safety. As a result we are able to restore our mind and body naturally. It's said to be our most powerful form of healing.

A challenge of course would be to recreate this natural rhythm of restorative sleep cycles in our waking life. In our homes, in our leisure, in our work and in every breath therein.

Could we intentionally build these cycles into the way we build and live with our homes?

Could we deliberately use the pattern of our dream-revealing sleep cycles as a guide to our daily wakeful habits? Could we recognize and honor their restorative cyclical powers in our relationships? Is this just another dream?

I think not.

At a time when cycles of all sorts seem to be at a stand still, many people have noticed the unstoppable cycles of nature for the first time. This slowdown has made it clear to many that Springtime ignored our human-based troubles. It always has.

It went ahead and set the table and dimmed the lights.

Spring is waiting for the dreams of Summer.

Let them be heard.


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