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Good times ahead.


Do Something

The other day I was reminded by the actions of a child cluelessly long on grit that we should try a little harder to finish whatever we start.

Duly noted.

The unspoken suggestion stood out during a day where people discussed how their “permanent record“ would not be damaged for not finishing.

Have we forgotten that our permanent record is not just recorded by what other people think or see? Have we forgotten that our hearts and minds are constantly carving neural pathways that create the semi-permanent thresholds that define our comfort zones?

If failure mid-course leads to not finishing time and time again, then ”doing something” becomes defined by just starting with less regard for finishing.

It‘s like taking photos of people jumping off things and doing tricks in the air. The still photo cares not about the landing but rather about the mid-course success. People looking at the photo are amazed and only a surprisingly small percentage of the people think about whether the trickster actually landed after the shot.

Bottom line: Starting something is the beginning and end of doing something if you don’t stick it out to the finish. Then again, starting is sometimes the hardest part. With that, I'll end.


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