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Good times ahead.


Be Something

First time founders often build their brand successfully on instinct.

Founders have an idea.

Founders test the idea.

Founders give their idea a name and story.

When CEO's of established brands hire professionals to refresh their brand, the process follows the same pattern because this pattern is nearly universal. By universal, I mean that most things in the universe that operate with free will follow a pattern that goes something like this:

Be Something. (an idea)

Do Something. (and idea as reality)

Say Something. (a name and story for that idea)

Our brains even follow a similar pattern to propel us forward. First we decide to be a person in motion and we lift our foot and intentionally put ourselves off balance. We then decide to go in a direction by leaning that foot in a direction with the belief that we will land safely. We then find ourself in a place that can be defined as somewhere different from our starting point and our brain can say that we've done something.

In short the pattern of walking is looks like this:

Lift your foot.

Lean in a direction.

Land in a new place.




Words to live by, and simple reminder that the first step--no pun intended--toward change is deciding to be something else. In the case of walking that means being off balance if even for just a tiny moment.


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