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Good times ahead.


Avoid Change

We've heard it said before, "Nobody likes change." or "Everybody's uncomfortable with change." or "Change is scary for people."

Really? Nobody? Everybody?

Does this mean we should avoid using the word change?

Does this mean we should not inspire students and leaders to imagine, create and support change?

I don't think so.

However, I am willing to test one simple thing and that is avoiding the use of the word "change". My sense is that the aversion goes way beyond the word itself and that it's the concept of change, the unknown and the lack of control associated with change, that upsets people's human desire for stability and security.

Regardless, I am going to start small and attempt to avoid the word "change" all together. Join me if you wish. Let's choose words that more specifically communicate the WHY and HOW of something moving, or moving something from one state of being to another. Let's clarify our communication with and for those around us. Let's see what happens.

It might mean we have to slow down and avoid soundbite-style sentences or catchy titles like "change agent" or "architects of change". I think we might learn something from ourselves and our conversations that we were not able to hear before.

That's a change I'm willing to try.

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