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Good times ahead.


Take note

Taking notes on anything is harder than it seems sometimes.

Recording what was said, word-for-word would certainly be considered accurate, but are those great notes? "A note" in nearly every form of the meaning is a 'poetized' version of what was said. Like the made up word 'poetize', great notes capture both the gesture and the details of a concept such that the reader of the notes feels like they nearly have an advantage over those who were here for the live event. Those are great notes.

As we take notes, however, it's challenging to fully understand the arc of concepts before all the concepts have been shared. It becomes a chicken egg challenge.

This is what makes wise elders in any realm so special. They have the benefit of having heard reoccurring narratives many times before.

This is also what makes dedicated Artists who repeat one concept over and over special too. Both the wise elder and the tenacious artist are dozens of generations beyond the chicken and egg stage and can not enjoy new found wonders that are many layers deeper than notes taken for the first time.

Becoming an elder is automatic. Being recognized as wise requires perspective. Artists suffer the same challenge. We are born artists. Being recognized as one later in life requires perspective.

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