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Good times ahead.



Creativity starts with the unfamiliar.

The creative process may start with the familiar, but creativity itself--by definition--is the act of discovering, reveling or imagining something unfamiliar.

In the weeks that have passed and the weeks or months yet to come there will be no shortage of unfamiliar scenarios, and so, too, I'm guessing will there be more creativity.

Every day is a feast for what we can imagine or fear or both.

In time, this crazy situation may become the 'new normal' and as 'normal' attempts to return it might start to feel a bit crazy. Regardless, riding this out, either up or down from this point, will still technically feel unfamiliar.

Is this beginning to sound a lot like surfing? Ahh, the thought of surfing.

Tsunami has been mentioned on more than one occasion, but this is more than just one big wave.


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