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Good times ahead.


Ice & Counting

Back on January 27th I wrote about my 3rd day of trying cold showers. Today in a world that feels very different from that time in January I am approaching my 100th cold shower. 84 to be exact, but I'm not really counting . . . or sharing with anyone that I'm counting.

On February 28th I observed the music made by broken ice-sheets on the shore of the lake and captured it in a video and Haiku on the rocks, a poetry form defined by counting.

30 days later we 'swam' in the lake at that very same spot, a full two months earlier than we'd ever swam in the lake before, but who's counting?

What's with all the counting and the ice?

Today, April 24th, roughly one month later when I sat down and titled my morning run 10K 6.95 (a reference to the 50 10Ks that I plan to do before the 5th of July and this run was not quite two 10Ks hence run 6 but not quite run 7) an email popped up from a new reader at the exact same time.

She had seen my January post about cold showers, (and was maybe tracking me on Strava) and shared with me this recovery tip about ice baths. I thought I should share.

Here I was playing with numbers based on a freezing cold rainy run and the outside universe brings me more ice! What's going on here?

I think we can count on something happening with ice in late May.

Stay tuned.

This time I'll be ready.


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